The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself because you are the one person you can never escape from. You’ll be with you until your last breath, so it would be wise to become your best friend, your numero uno cheerleader, your own beloved.  The first step to self-love is to know and love ALL OF YOU. As long as we have an unresolved heartache/trauma (particularly feelings of abandonment, neglect and/or abuse during childhood), we will attract individuals who will help bring these hidden “painbodies” to the […]


Why Couples Should Take a PRE-MARITAL Course

TRANSPARENCY leads to AUTHENTICITY The number one reason why couples should complete a pre-marital course before tying the knot is because most of us were not taught to honestly and effectively express our wants, needs, desires, concerns, fears and insecurities. And if research shows that an honest, open line of communication, is the defining factor for a secure, successful marriage wouldn’t it benefit us to become skilled at expressing ourselves? Often times it takes someone on the outside to help you see your communication BLIND SPOTS, and the areas you […]


The 8 Principles of Emotional Intimacy

To master conditional love (ego based love) is one thing, but to master UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (soul based love) is radical. Whether you’re single, or already in a relationship, you have the FREE WILL to STEP UP and STEP INTO this richer kind of love for SELF, and others. 8 PRINCIPLES OF EMOTIONAL INTIMACY IN PARTNERSHIP In order for you to experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE with your partner…the delicious kind of love that allows you to THRIVE… then you’ll need to cultivate, establish and nurture the following 8 Principles of Emotional Intimacy: 1) […]


How To Create the LOVE LIFE You Truly Desire

My insatiable desire to seek knowledge for the truth about life and love began in 2008. These questions I had lead me on a journey of self-discovery that opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on myself, men, relationships, love and life. After going through the highs and lows, and everywhere in between, I finally got to a place where I wanted to know how I could live a stress free life. I wanted to break the destructive behaviors/cycles that no longer served me. With the help of empowerment books, seminars, webinars, love coaches, documentaries about universal energies of oneness, laws of attraction and countless hours of self-reflection in meditation, I finally learned what it meant to love myself and others UNCONDITIONALLY.


How Daily LOVE DEEDS Keep Couples Connected

It’s easy to lose sight of the most important things in life when you lose yourself in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the world. When you’re in a relationship, especially if you have kids and a busy work schedule, your partner can easily take a back seat. Usually it starts with a few days that go by, where you feel like you barely speak, or touch. Before you know it,  days turn it into weeks, then days turn into months. It’s no surprise many people […]


What is my SOUL SONG singing?

Raising Your Signature Vibrations (Your “Soul Song”) “Music in the soul can be heard in the universe.” ~Lao Tzu, philosopher and poet Everyone has a signature essence I refer to as a Soul Song. Whereas in science it’s commonly referred to as your “biofield.” In 1994, scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) described the “human biofield,” as “…an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body.” Your body is an instrument resonating/radiating a unique blend of harmonics creating your very […]


How to Create a DIVINE LOVE Connection

I have studied and researched a wide variety of subject matter with the intention of learning how to LIGHT UP MY LIFE energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I have been dedicated to this personal transformation of ILLUMINATION since 2010. As I was discovering and embodying the truth about love and life, a shift began to take place in my heart. My conscious awareness was expanding and my perception of the world was shifting. Not much, externally, in my life had changed yet I was experiencing more peace, joy and abundance. My relationships […]



*THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE including a “love coach”. The truth is when a man, or woman isn’t being forthcoming with their own self, and they attempt to be someone they aren’t it will eventually catch up to them. In April of 2016, my husband and business partner made choices that lead to our eventual split. Like all couples we had our own struggles, but just as I tell my clients, when only one partner is willing and wanting to do the work you have no […]


Does Your Relationship Lack Balance?

I work with many couples to restore communication and bring balance into their partnerships. In some cases one person sacrifices and bends more to accommodate the other, and their voice isn’t valued or heard. When one starts to suppress their voice in order to “keep the peace”, and/or their needs are being neglected it’s a sign one person is dominating the relationship. If you feel you can’t speak your mind, share your feelings, and/or give your opinions about the relationship without your partner shutting down your sentiments, or making you […]


Why Do Women & Men Communicate So Differently?

Although not all women and men are exactly the same, there are some basic fundamental qualities that are common to genders which have to do with our brains. The more you understand the inner workings and complexities of the brain the easier it is to grasp why the sexes operate and communicate so differently. If you haven’t already read my blog titled, “Are You More MALE or FEMALE Brained in your Relationship” I highly recommend you review it. It breaks down the basics of the right and left brain hemispheres which relate to […]

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