Men and women think, feel and communicate very differently. Because of this, the sexes are unable to express their needs and wants effectively, which is typically the root of most problems. Partners feel they are drifting apart when really they just need some help reconnecting. Through studies and my own personal experiences, and trials I’ve learned how to establish honest effective communication, trust, respect and intimacy. I believe it is possible to have a hot, happy, healthy committed relationship as long as both individuals are equally dedicated to learning and doing the work. My S.A.F.E. Communication Method has transcended my mental, emotional and spiritual connection.

Divine Love is a transcendental connection that happens when two people take the time to truly understand themselves and each other. It is a mind, body, soul union that epitomizes unconditional love.”
Janie Terrazas

Discover What Love Language Your Partner “SPEAKS”

One of the top reasons couples say they break up is because the love and/or passion “fizzled out”. Most assume their fire for one another will stay lit even if they don’t tend to it. That’s like thinking a campfire will go all night regardless if you add wood. Now there are several factors that come to play when it comes to keeping the sizzle alive in a relationship, and one of them is understanding and respecting each other’s love language. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages – The Secret to Love, found that there are five basic ways people show love.



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