The Cultural Script of Toxicity Is Killing Your SPIRIT

The Cultural Script of Toxicity Is Killing Your SPIRIT

Research has proven that events, behavior and thoughts can shape the mind positively or negatively. Therefore, it’s safe to say that today’s minds are not conditioned for optimism as people are exposed to a cultural script of deceit, war, scarcity, misery, greed, envy, suffering, judgment, and criticism twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Negative chatter runs rampant in today’s fear-based society. So it’s no wonder that millions of people feel sad, angry, frustrated, powerless, insignificant and invisible on a daily basis that unfortunately leads them to believe that…

  • they’re weak
  • life is about surviving, not thriving
  • the world is a horrible place
  • happiness is based on an external influence, and not on how they internally feel about themselves

Status and needing to be important (“keeping up with the Joneses”) has been an inherent way of thinking for centuries, as people have been conditioned to believe their self-worth is based on monetary assets and career/academic accolades. This kind of “success brainwashing” is a subjective narrative, so to speak, and everyone buys into it at certain times in their life.

People believe if they achieve what has been deemed to be successful, they’ll be liked and accepted which will make them happy. However, even when people reach the pinnacle of success, they’re never quite satisfied and still don’t feel good about their lives. They relinquish their power when they put their self-worth into the hands of others, and/or base it on something material.

The negative, judgmental, overly-competitive limiting belief system has also created a society that isn’t being held accountable for its actions. Somewhere along the way people were brainwashed to blame everything and everyone for their miseries, which makes it easier to escape responsibility and walk away without feeling any sense of accountability.

This conditioning perpetuated a disempowered “victim mentality.” Living a life in this state-of-mind isn’t an empowering way to exist, as civilizations and the planet can’t perpetually sustain this irresponsible, unloving way of being. People are bombarded by 24/7 media coverage of division and war. They’re becoming emotionally and spiritually crippled because they can’t continually tolerate the onslaught of global imbalance and injustice.

Unfortunately, nothing about this paradigm supports the core nature of the human spirit. Fortunately, through positive efforts and intentions people can create a new cultural consciousness that represents accountability, unity, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Oneness eradicates division, derision and judgment, and it can begin with you (yes, you!) learning how to embody an entirely new way of thinking and behaving.

Most humans are still buying into the notion that we’re all separate from one another, the Earth and our Creator. When this illusion of separation comes crashing down, a new humanity on earth will rise. More and more information online and offline is popping up that can open people’s minds to the concept of oneness. And programs like mine can guide you to find your true purpose, connect/reconnect you to others, and help discover your inner core of self-love. 

If you are waking up most days with a lack of joy and excitement for life it could be time to for you to make some positive changes. An easy way to start detoxing a pessimistic mind and start positively charging up your body and soul is to follow our 7 POSITIVE DAILY HABITS.


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