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Do you regularly feel unhappy, stressed and/or frustrated with your life circumstances?  If you’re tired of feeling this way it could be time for some self-reflection.

My ILLUMINATE THYSELF program is built around my S.A.F.E. Self-Discovery Method, which is rooted in self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. It includes 4 Illumination Lessons, and covers the 4 Pillars of Life to help you unveil what is blocking you from creating the life and love you truly desire.  


Through my mindful ILLUMINATE THYSELF coaching program, we uncover the subconscious blockages that keep you from loving and living, authentically and abundantly.

If you want to experience more vitality, happiness, passion, positivity, enthusiasm, creativity and clarity, then this mindfulness program is for you. It’s an indepth review of your FOUR PILLARS OF LIFE. 

WELLNESS     (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical)
WEALTH        (career, purpose, financial stability)
LOVE             (relationship with self, others and life itself)
PLEASURE      (talents, hobbies, passions, interests)


Programs are personally tailored to meet your needs. Pay per session, or invest in a discounted package.

FOUR - 60 Minute One-on-One Sessions with Janie (SKYPE option)

SINGLE SESSIONS: $125 (60 mins.) 

(paypal or venmo accepted.)

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  • Identifying subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing more joy, love, abundance and vitality.

  • Discovering the imbalances in your life that hinder your well-being 

  • Learning how to honor and speak your truth without FEAR 

  • Knowing the importance of setting clear intentions

  • Learning to align your words, thoughts and actions with your goals/wishes/desires

  • Letting go of past pain and embracing forgiveness

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