Healing Sexual Trauma Collectively and Lovingly 

Enter a non-judgmental self-love haven where women safely share and heal shame and pain associated with the emotional, mental and physical effects of sexual trauma.

I interview women from all walks of life who have had to face a sexual tragedy, in one form or another, and triumphed over their adversity.


On every episode a guest delivers inspirational support, words of comfort and empowering, healing advice.


They courageously share how their experiences impacted their lives, and what lead them to face the mental, emotional, and/or physical blockages that kept them from fully reconnecting to their inner power and divine sacredness.


Rise Above TV is a channel showcasing the inspirational works of mindful, heart-based creators. The content featured is to help empower humanity and support unity. 

@RiseAboveTV is part of a mindfulness movement, created by Janie Terrazas The Mindfulness Coach, which supports self-awareness, self acceptance, self accountability and self-love. 

"Our goal is to provide viewers a variety of mindful weekly content for the MIND, BODY, HEART and SOUL. The goal is for each of us to become more self-aware, so we can achieve optimal living and loving." 


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