• Janie Terrazas

14 Love Virtues to Improve Our Wellness

The best way to reach your full potential in love and life is to live virtuously. I strive to live by these set of Love Virtues every single day. They nurture and cultivate positivity, creativity and vitality. Doing your best to honor these virtues through your thoughts, words and actions is an excellent way to illuminate your love life.

Honoring them and practicing my Seven Positive Daily Habits, will help keep your fears and negative thoughts in check. Plus, it will allow more happiness, love and abundance of wonderfulness to flow your way.

Although there isn’t an order of importance to the above list, Courage is first because you’ll need it to remain consistent with the others.















1. Courage

Courage is stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s something small like saying hello to someone you think is cute, or brightening someone’s day by doing a random act of kindness — or even something as big as quitting a job that makes you miserable — you’re being courageous which helps build your self-confidence.

True confidence is when you’re able to honor your true self without fear of being judged. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and remaining strong in your convictions is very powerful.

2. Unity

When you unite your mind with your heart, and create a healthy relationship between the two, it’s much easier to embody the concept of oneness. Understanding that everyone matters and that you can make a difference in their lives is what this particular Love Virtue is all about. Having reverence for all life forms, and embracing the concept of interconnectedness with all of creation will greatly impact your life.