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Like many, I did not know how much of my past was impacting me in the present until my entire world came crashing down in the Spring of 2016. All of this unconscious trauma fully rose to the surface when my husband and business partner said, "I'm lost...I don't know who I am...I need to find myself" - the quintessential mid-life crisis scenario. Months later betrayals surfaced, and he made it clear he had no desire to heal, change and grow.   

Luckily, I had already been doing extensive spiritual and self introspection work while married. Different healing modalities and spiritual teachings began to expand and deepen my perspective on the meaning of  life, and the power of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


The split was the start of my Dark Night of the Soul, also known as a breakdown-breakthrough catalyst. It is a death of the old self, which must occur before the true self can emerge. This is when the core of my self discovery walk got really REAL.


I spent a lot of time in contemplation and meditation. I was determined to discover the cause of my self sabotaging patterns and limiting belief structures that were keeping me stuck in the paradigm of pain and suffering. Especially when it came to intimate relationships.

I learned why I minimized red flags, justified emotional/mental pain, found a way to accept it and blindly live with it in partnerships. This lack of discernment also showed up in my professional life. 


Slowly I began to RISE ABOVE the old ways of thinking, feeling and being. I could clearly SEE how the mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual trauma I endured could be used to fuel my purpose here on earth. 


Now I passionately and fearlessly share my testimony and this sacred mind-body-heart-soul transformational knowledge with others, so they too can FREE themselves of everything and everyone that is hindering their personal well-being. 


My GOAL is to help YOU create a healthy, authentic REALtionship with yourself, so you can honestly and effectively connect with others and life itself. It starts with you seeking to KNOW THYSELF. I'm here for you when you decide you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, so you can live and love OPTIMALLY. 

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