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My intention is to inspire and guide those who seek to live a balanced, mindful, love-filled life, so they can experience more peace, joy, vitality and prosperity. All of my teachings and programs are rooted in the power of unconditional love, based on the following principles: 

Healing Heartache, Mind-Body Stress Regulation, Relationship & Communication Guidance, Overcoming Childhood Trauma

Be a part of THE Mindfulness Movement!
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Meditation by the Sea

When you induce a state of relaxation, which can be achieved through mindfulness and meditation, you can reap the benefits, including:

  • Higher brain functioning

  • Increased immune function

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Lowered heart rate

  • Increased awareness

  • Increased attention and focus

  • Increased clarity in thinking and perception

  • Lowered anxiety levels

  • Experience of being calm and internally still

  • Experience of feeling connected to all things

  • Healthier more authentic relationships 




Know Thyself. Love Thyself.

Stay Curious.

Through a wide variety of studies, prayer, meditation and a lot of soul searching, I found the path to changing my life for the better. Through this self-discovery process I learned how to tap into the DIVINE power of unconditional love. As I began to heal my traumas, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy self sabotaging habits; I uncovered my authentic self, my purpose and inner peace. This led to the creation of PazMesa (translation: Peace Within), a Self-Mastery guide for those seeking to walk the path of mindful living and unconditional loving.


I now passionately share this beautiful mind-body-heart-soul knowledge with others, so they can ignite their PazMesa and create the extraordinary life and love they deserve.


Certifications: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, Twogether in Texas Certified Relationship Coach,Life Optimization Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Guide, EFT Instructor, Wedding Officiant

“…listen to all of the wonderful, insightful wisdom”

I’ve had the privilege to pick Janie’s brain and listen to all of the wonderful, insightful wisdom God has blessed her with. Her knowledge on the things that matter most in life can really put things into perspective. Janie is truly passionate about what she does and it shines through. - Lisa B.

“Thanks for opening my eyes to TRUTH!”

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. Then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.” I saw this quote and thought of you. Thanks for opening my eyes to TRUTH! – Jennifer L.

“…my life is already becoming more fulfilling.”

My amazing experience with Janie was life changing! She helped me realize things about myself that I needed to work on in order for me to be truly happy. Since my session with her I have been working on those things, and my life is already becoming more fulfilling. I’m more outgoing, more loving, more caring, & more spiritually happy. Janie has been a true blessing & I know God put her in my life path for a reason! Janie you are such an amazing woman full of positive energy & you make a positive impact on everyone you touch! Love you!! – Andie A.



“She is a blessed soul that will change your life!”

“This was the most spiritual, relaxing and motivational experience I’ve ever had! Janie truly has a gift to help guide you through life’s journey. She has given me so much to look forward to and prepare for my future! She is a blessed soul that will change your life!!” – Cebo E.

“You are always willing to help and listen…without judgment.”

You have been a blessing in helping me to step out of my comfort zone. You showed me what is keeping men from approaching me. You lovingly pointed out areas in my life that were in need of improvement. I appreciate that you are always willing to help and listen to my concerns without judgment. – Veronica R.

“Her words of wisdom have helped me tremendously…”

Janie has been there to help navigate me through a serious relationship, a break up and back to dating. Her words of wisdom have helped me tremendously through my healing process. I know if I have a life or love question I can call on her and she will deliver just what I need. – Sara H.

“You Made a Huge Difference in My Life”

You made me look at things in a totally different way. Thank you for the miracles and wisdom that you spread. You made a huge difference in my life. Thank you for everything. – Scott H.

“I haven’t felt this optimistic and relaxed in a while!”

“I didn’t know what to expect going into my first session with Janie but it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had! From the moment you meet her you feel the love and good energy radiating off of her! I was feeling so lost and confused in my life and after a session with her, she helped me realize the things in my life that needed adjusting to live a more fulfilling and happy life. I haven’t felt this optimistic and relaxed in a while! I’m so thankful God put her in my path!” – Melissa T.

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