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The 4 Pillars of LIFE - Increase Joy, Peace, Vitality & Prosperity

The Four Pillars of Life are instrumental in the foundation of our existence. A version of the pillars can be found in ancient teachings from various cultures around the world. They are the fundamental principles that shape and uphold our life. Meant to establish health and happiness, the principles are as follows:


(mental, emotional, spiritual, physical)


(career, purpose, financial stability)


(relationship with self, others & life itself)


(enJOYing recreational activities, hobbies, passions, interests & natural talents)



If you want to tap into your inner superhero and reach your full potential as a human being BALANCE is the ticket. The Four Pillars of Life support and fuel the body’s homeostasis, which increases your vitality and energy reserves. You feel much more centered and grounded when you make the effort to live a balanced life. Plus, your happiness and confidence levels increase.

It also strengthens your sixth sense capabilities (aka your intuition which is your internal Divine GPS system which is guiding you to your highest good), because the less stressed you are the clearer your mind. This is true freedom at its finest.

All four pillars are interconnected, so if one is neglected the other three will invariably suffer to some degree.

The best way to increase happiness is to identify the imbalances in your life. Start by asking yourself, what and/or who is creating discomfort and stress. Turning a blind eye to your unhappiness means disrespecting your heart and soul, which drains your energy and compromises your health.


“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” ~Miles J. Stanford, author of The Green Letters

The human body produces an electromagnetic field of energy and the rate at which it vibrates (the frequency) impacts our immune system. Neuroscience has established that thoughts and emotions carry subtle vibrations that either raise or lower your frequency; therefore, the emotions you choose to invest in directly impact your wellness levels.

Your overall physical wellness is affected by your mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. Since you’re a multifaceted, magnificent being, it’s critical to nurture all parts of you if you intend to thrive well in this world. “It’s the chronic or habitual “mood” or emotional level we have to raise by increasing our own energy frequency. The more we do it, the higher and higher our habitual emotional level becomes and our sensation of happiness boosts and stabilizes into higher levels.”

This is where a mindfulness coach comes in handy as my goal is to help you achieve optimal health by uncovering which emotions are resonating in your field and why. It’s common to continually channel these low frequency emotional states if you’ve unwittingly absorbed unhealthy traits or behaviors from others, still harbor pain, sorrow or burdens from the past, or keep the company of low vibe people. Once you’re able to pinpoint everything that causes your mind to be ill at ease, you can begin to detach from it.

Sidenote: Research the Emotional Frequency Scale, discovered by Dr. David Hawkins.


“The real source of wealth and capital in this era is not material things it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and our faith in the future.” ~Steve Forbes If you base your self-worth solely on your financial wealth, then you should reconsider how you define the word.

The antiquated belief system based on bank accounts, academic and/or career achievements, accolades, and assets (homes, cars, boats, jewels, etc.) is why many people still believe money, power, possessions, fame and prestige will make them feel good about themselves, and elevate them to higher status levels.

People believe money will bring them happiness, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although money does allow you to live more comfortably, it doesn’t guarantee you peace of mind. (If it did, then why aren’t all successful, rich people happy?)

Enjoying what you do for a living, sharing your gifts and successes with others, feeling balanced, healthy and joyful, establishing a responsible relationship with money so you can create financial prosperity, stability and security are all part of what constitutes real wealth.

Once you establish a positive outlook about your self-worth, it’s easier to view prosperity and abundance from a new perspective.

You vibrationally open yourself to receiving more of everything when you resonate loving virtues on a consistent basis. Once you realize love – and not money and things — makes the world go round, everything starts to fall into place. The irony is the more loving, compassionate, honest you become, the richer, freer and more joyful you are.

(Sidenote: You’ll always be stressed if you have a hard time responsibly managing your fina