• Janie Terrazas

Are You More Right or Left Brained In Your Relationship?

A foundational topic I discuss with all clients (because it impacts intercommunication) are the “female and masculine brains”.

Understanding why you have two brain hemispheres, and learning how to synchronize them, will help reduce your stress levels, improve your communication skills with the opposite sex, and greatly enhance your lovemaking skills.

In Chinese philosophy the concept of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) is used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they become one as they interrelate to one another. As you can see in the chart below, the right brain represents the feminine traits, and the left brain masculine traits.

Link: Left & Right Brain Test

Each side serves a vital purpose, and although we tend to resonate with one side more than another, both are necessary for us to successfully function in the life. People’s need to push the envelope in the work place keeps the left side of their brain on overdrive. Simply put, the left hemisphere is about thinking (logic) and the right hemisphere is about feeling (emotion). When you can comfortably and skillfully utilize both sides you become a happier, more balanced human being.

“The truth is that when you are able to balance right and left brain tendencies, you are better able to problem solve, be productive, be creative and ultimately, less stressed.” – Eva M. Selhub, M.D. *

Masculine Versus Feminine Essence

Depending on the “brain mode” they’re in, all men and women exude either a masculine or feminine essence. Although a person typically has one dominant side, it’s not always gender-based. In other words, even though most men’s typical default setting is the left side and women’s is the right side, there are exceptions to the rule.

For example, my client Rebekah — a single mother with a full-time job — is forced to use her masculine brain functions to make it through a day. However, when she’s on a date with a man, I told her it would be wise for her to shift into her feminine brain so the softer, less controlling and more nurturing, radiant side of her persona shines through.Video Link: 10 Ways to Ignite your Feminine Goddess Women tend to believe that men can’t handle powerful, strong, driven, independent women. Quite the contrary. A confident, respectful gentleman will find those qualities attractive as long as they’re in balance with the woman’s feminine side. This is why it’s important for a woman to periodically allow a man to take the lead as she gives off a supportive, understanding vibe he’ll truly appreciate.

What men find unattractive are women who think they don’t need a man to do anything for her, or corrects every little thing they do. A man wants to feel like he can take care of his woman and make her happy. He needs to feel like he does some things right, and isn’t constantly chastised when he makes mistakes.

Whether or not it’s her intention to do so, a woman can energetically push him away. She then ends up scratching her head wondering why he hasn’t called, asked her for further dates, or the marriage ends up in divorce. Often times it is because he feels neglected, or is tired of feeling like a failure.

Men can also fall into this trap, especially because the masculine lines are less defined in today’s society. If a man is indecisive, overly emotional and lacks assertiveness, a woman will begin to lose interest.

A man doesn’t need to be “machismo” to exude masculinity. But if he doesn’t know how to assertively take charge he can come across as “weak” in the eyes of a woman. A man with toxic masculinity will often use aggressive, oppressive or bullying tactics when he leads, and or directs. This is unhealthy.