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What is my SOUL SONG singing?

Raising Your Signature Vibrations (Your “Soul Song”)

“Music in the soul can be heard in the universe.” ~Lao Tzu, philosopher and poet

Everyone has a signature essence I refer to as a Soul Song. Whereas in science it’s commonly referred to as your “biofield.” In 1994, scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) described the “human biofield,” as “…an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body.”

Your body is an instrument resonating/radiating a unique blend of harmonics creating your very own electromagnetic field of light and sound.

“The human body emits low-level light, heat, and acoustical energy; has electrical and magnetic properties…All of these emissions are part of the human energy field, also called the biologic field, or biofield.” ~Beverly Rubik, PhD

I believe the “uni-verse” is like an orchestra playing a harmonic symphony where individual spiritual melodies blend into a collective of one song. So the more in tune you are with your love vibrations, the more positively you contribute to the universal Love Song.

Unhappiness and low energy levels are indicators that parts of your being are out of alignment (not in tune) with the true nature of your spirit. When you’re perpetually mentally and emotionally stressed, you’re unable to maximize the amount of joy and vitality you can experience.

Scientists from NIH discovered that physical, emotional, mental and environmental stress ruptures the integrity of your biofield. They said that when this happens, “…your life becomes a vicious cycle of ‘noise’ and ‘static’ which seriously compromises your ability to function.” In other words, your Soul Song becomes weakened when you live an imbalanced life, and you deny the callings of your heart. You can seek out ways to help bring you into harmony with your authentic self, so you can emanate your unique essence and be the person you were intended to be.

Once you learn the melody to your Soul Song – and how to harmonize with it – you’ll see life from a more elevated perspective because you’ll no longer be chained to disempowering and limiting belief systems. Plus, your self-worth, physical appearance and confidence will no longer be defined by externalities.

You’ll radiate a kinder, gentler and humbler strength, and exude confidence that men and women will find appealing. You’ll feel more peaceful and optimistic, and you won’t allow the past or future to create suffering in the present. You’ll know what it means “to be in the moment” and “live in the now.

When faced with obstacles and challenges, you’ll do your best to roll with the punches while maintaining an optimistic attitude. You’ll view rejections as the Creator’s/Universe’s way of trying to point you in a better direction. You’ll also have a universal purpose and begin to live life accordingly.

When you live mindfully you’ll…·

  • recognize that you’re a student of life, and look at every day as an opportunity to expand further into the vibration of love.

  • no longer allow fear (negative self-chatter) to dictate your decisions or choices, because you’ll understand what it means to honor your truth and take accountability for your actions.

  • no longer see yourself as a victim of your life, but rather a co-creator of it.

  • do your best to come from a place of compassion, acceptance and forgiveness instead of judgment, criticism and mercilessness.

  • recognize both your feminine and masculine essence, and learn how to balance them with ease and grace.

  • know how to cultivate harmonious love because you believe there’s someone who perfectly complements your Soul Song, and will wholeheartedly cherish, honor and commit to you.

  • give gratitude daily even during your darkest hours.

  • give and receive love more freely because you’ll feel worthy of love, and will welcome abundance in all areas of life.

  • have reverence for all of creation, for you know you are one with everyone and every thing.

But most of all, you’ll become unyieldingly courageous, because it takes a heart of a lion to walk the path of unconditional love.



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