I’m dedicated to assisting others who are ready to take the relationship with themselves and others to new heights. 

The path of DIVINE LOVE is filled with many bumps in the road. My own personal insight, experiences and my deep understanding of the masculine/feminine dynamic allows me to offer you more well-rounded solutions when it comes to obstacles and challenges we face in love and life. 

If you DESIRE to experience more awesomeness in your love life don’t ignore the nudge. It all starts with YOU going after it. HONESTY, COURAGE and COMMITMENT is what it takes to create deeper, more meaningful relationships. When you work to love yourself by EMPOWERING your mind and HEALING your heart everything else begins to fall into place. This is the process of ILLUMINATION. 

Don’t settle when it comes to LOVE. Let me guide you to your LIGHT so you can experience the DIVINE LOVE you were destined to EXPRESS and FEEL.



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Rebekah Shipp, Health Coach

“Her methods honestly makes you look at yourself. It changes your outlook on others, your outlook on life, your outlook on your environment and all of the sudden you become empowered because you feel more in control of your life.” 

Dating & Attraction 101 - Singles

Are you frustrated with the dating scene? Do you feel you’re never going to meet a nice guy/girl who is equally interested and attracted to you? Whatever dating obstacles you may be facing, I’ll help you get to the root of them so you can overcome them.

Whether you are a seasoned dater, never been on a date or having trouble establishing a strong connection with the opposite sex, you will benefit from my DATING & ATTRACTION 101 PROGRAM.

The goal is to learn all that you can about yourself and the opposite sex, and get clear about what you truly NEED and WANT from a partner. This will awaken your inner confidence and your ability to make wise, dating decisions. It makes the process more fun when you’re an “effective dater”.

  • Understanding the mind of the opposite sex
  • Building attraction and appeal
  • Effectively communicating your wants and needs
  • Understanding masculine and feminine energy
  • Uncover your bad dating habits
  • Igniting your inner confidence
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Do’s and Don’ts of social media 
  • Attracting quality dates versus quantity
  • How to effectively use online dating sites/apps
  • Learning about the psychological/physiological impacts of casual sex 

Illuminate Your Life - Women/Men

Do you regularly feel unhappy, stressed and/or frustrated with your life circumstances?  If you’re tired of feeling this way it could be time for some self-reflection and self-awareness.

If you want to experience more vitality, happiness, passion, positivity, enthusiasm, creativity and clarity, then my ILLUMINATE YOUR LIFE PROGRAM is for you. It’s an indepth review of your FOUR PILLARS OF LIFE

WELLNESS     (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical)
WEALTH     (career, purpose, financial stability)
LOVE     (relationship with self and others)
PLEASURE     (talents, hobbies, passions, interests)

This is a mind, body and soul detox, so you can start to discover your AUTHENTIC SELF. It’s a program to awaken your SOUL SONG vibrations, which are linked to the true inner callings of your heart and your divine purposeThe goal is to bring out the best of you so you feel happier, healthier and empowered.  

  • Identifying subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing more joy, love, abundance and vitality.
  • Discovering the imbalances in your life that hinder your well-being 
  • Learning how to honor and speak your truth without FEAR 
  • Knowing the importance of setting clear intentions
  • Learning to align your words, thoughts and actions with your goals/wishes/desires
  • Letting go of past pain and embracing forgiveness

Relationship Rescue - Couples

Have you hit a wall in your relationship and feel you’re on the verge of a BREAK UP/DIVORCE? Has trust and respect exited the partnership? 

If you and your partner are at the end of your rope our RELATIONSHIP RESCUE PROGRAM is for you. You’ll get the answers you’re seeking, and the skills you need to help you evaluate the damage done. If both work through the past, you can create more peace, and less war in the present.

Communication is key to maintaining an unbreakable connection. I help couples establish a stronger bond through my S.A.F.E. Communication Method which nurtures an honest, harmonious and passionate connection.

I share my own marital ups and downs which creates a safe, non-judgmental environment for both sexes. All the couples I’ve worked with say they each leave my sessions feeling heard and understood.

  • Discover unhealed pain and what each of you truly want and need from your partner
  • Learn how to safely and effectively communicate your wants, needs and concerns
  • Understanding masculine/feminine energy and sexual polarity
  • Uncover each of your destructive relationship behaviors/patterns/habits
  • ​Get to the root cause of the disharmony in the relationship
  • Understanding the psychological and physiological differences of men and women to help you better understand yourself and your partner

Reignite the Passion - Couples

Are you bored in the bedroom? Or looking to spice up your sexual repertoire? If so then our REIGNITE THE PASSION PROGRAM could be just the answer.

Thanks to my extensive studies on the male/female energy dynamics of sexuality, and lots of personal experimentation I’m having the best sex of my life.

I’m on a mission to help other couples take their intimacy and physical pleasure to another level of ecstacy.

Talking about sex is uncomfortable for most couples, but it’s one of the most important topics you’ll need to be able to openly discuss if you want your relationship to thrive for the long haul. 

As a coach my goal is to help take the discomfort out of the equation. so you can have an honest conversation about what you’re really needing and wanting from your partner sexually.

  • Understanding masculine/feminine energy and sexual polarity
  • Learning how to build intimacy outside the bedroom
  • Knowing how to make your partner feel desired
  • Discovering your sexual needs and wants 
  • Learning how to safely communicate your desires
  • Uncovering underlying resentment, fears and/or insecurities  
  • Unlocking your sexual potential 
  • Learning to connect with your partner’s heart, mind and body
  • Uncovering tantric sex secrets


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